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SmartBooks Human Resources

SMARTBOOKS™ Human Resource – a performance management system is used to keep track of individual goals and put in performance ratings.
A payroll system are also digital tools that enable effective succession planning.
An easy way to keep track of critical data is through Human Resources metrics or KPIs
The data in these systems can be used to make better and more informed decisions.
Creating a surface and intuitively data export-import system. We lead to improve user’ compatible. Therefore, having the ability to practice, adapt the software easily.
Web based version will be developed by June 2021 for using anytime, anywhere

Why The SmartBooks?

  • Identifies organizational goals and matches them with the competencies employees need to achieve those goal.
  • Serves as a link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of an organization.
  • Develop necessary competencies from within the organization or hire new people who already have them.
  • Evaluated and improved, and the acquired resources are continuously developed.
  • Concentrates on internal sources of competitive advantage.
  • KPI performance evolution available
  • Save manpower resources
  • Production about 100 reports

Devices Installation


Employee Information

  • Information relatives
  • Managing position movement
  • Managing disciplinary violations
  • Managing decided to resign
  • Labor contract management


  • Payroll
  • Bank statement
  • Print the payslip
  • Send playslip through Email
  • PIT finalization

Time Keeping

  • Connect to the timekeeper
  • Managing overtime plans
  • Working shift management
  • Managing the list of pregnant women
  • Managing absence
  • Calculating work hours


  • Managing insurance book
  • Increase or decrease insurance report

Professional (Reliable)

  1. The program suited the most with Vietnamese accounting standards
  2. To reflect the basic change in 2016 accounting regulations.
  3. To ensure the reliability of data by verifying in a long term.
  4. Able to establish steps of accessing data based on the position of user.

Ubiquitous (Accessible)

  1. Use the first Web-based ERP system of Vietnam so can be used anytime and anywhere
  2. Unlimited user and data.
  3. Secure data absolutely via Https://

Comfortable (User-friendly)

  1. Support 7 languages, including Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodia, Burmese)
  2. Compatible with Excel data and other programs
  3. Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface

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