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SmartBooks Accounting System

Accounting system combines necessary modules for recording and able to export any reports needed for users.
Guarantee the reliability and safety of data through the current using of this software and our bookkeeping service and bookkeeping review.
Increase labor productivity, lower labor costs and Improve management of operational processes through effective financial analysis function

Why The SmartBooks?

SMARTBOOKS™  is an ERP software managing Accounting and Human resources program developed with .Net Framework 4.8 by S&S since year 2003.

SMARTBOOKS™  has been registered copyright for the local version in 2008 and is the most standard managing tool for the first web-based ERP software in Viet Nam in 2020.

SMARTBOOKS™  has 5 modules:  Accounting Module  Electronic Invoice  Inventory Management  Human Resource and Salary Management. Approval Systems / Budget Control

With SMARTBOOKS™, S&S company hope you could   have a tool to systematically manage and effectively make use of accounting data.

With SMARTBOOKS™,  synchronous management on data can help the Client manage effectively the corporate operation and the process of preparing report to submit Tax Department, Custom Department.

Devices Installation


General Ledger

Account Receivables

Inventory Management


E-Invoice / Tax Invoice

Purchase Order / Sales Order

Shared Information

Setup Tools

Account Payables

Cash Management

Fixed Asset Management

Approval System



Professional (Reliable)

  1. The program suited the most with Vietnamese accounting standards
  2. To reflect the basic change in 2016 accounting regulations.
  3. To ensure the reliability of data by verifying in a long term.
  4. Able to establish steps of accessing data based on the position of user.

Ubiquitous (Accessible)

  1. Use the first Web-based ERP system of Vietnam so can be used anytime and anywhere
  2. Unlimited user and data.
  3. Secure data absolutely via Https://

Comfortable (User-friendly)

  1. Support 7 languages, including Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodia, Burmese)
  2. Compatible with Excel data and other programs
  3. Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface

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