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S&S Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd.


From CEO

I am Samuel Lee, the CEO of S&S (Sun and Shield) Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd.

S&S stands for “SUN and SHIELD”, based on the Bible saying,
“For the LORD God is a SUN and SHIELD; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless” (Psalm 84:11)

In this reason, We are always trying our best to be a SUN and SHIELD for our respectful clients in Viet Nam.


I, as a representative of S&S, have lived in Vietnam since 1995, worked in PwC Vietnam and KPMG Vietnam for 7 years, and finally established S&S Auditing and Consulting Company since January 2003. I have acquired VACPA for the first time as a Korean and have set up the Korean Auditing firm for the first time. With these professionality, We promised to serve to give the best, valuable service to satisfy the need of our respectful clients. Afterwards, We are planning to expand the business to IndoChina (Cambodia, Laos, and Burma), NorthEast, Southeast countries and all over the world with Networking system in order to provide the best service to all the clients.

To keep the appointments with our respectful clients, We promise to do our best to serve.

Thank you.

Company History

Over the Years


Established the first Korean accounting firm in Vietnam

S&S Accounting Firm Ho Chi Minh Headquarters (Ho Chi Minh District 1)


First Korean to acquire Vietnam Certified Public Accountant Certificate

Established S&S accounting firm Hanoi branch

Samhan Lee, Representative Accountant (VACPA, AICPA)


SmartBooks Accounting, Human Resources ERP Program Vietnam Copyright Registration

Accounting: No. 3751/2008

Greeting: No. 3714/2008



SmartBooks Web-based ERP Vietnam copyright registration

Accounting: No. 4330/2013


S&S Hanoi branch expanded and relocated

My Dinh, Hanoi


Designated as the first Korean accounting firm in Vietnam as a public company auditing firm

Sun and Shield

“For the LORD God is a SUN and SHIELD; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless”

For the Clients

Sun : Deliver the Clear and Exact Information / Present the best practice and solution to the present question of the client

Shield : Defend the risk of the client / Defend the damage from the illegality, corruption

For the Employees

Sun: Lighten the Employee’s future career, discipline the knowledge, develop the Spirit

Shield: Shield the personal, mental, family problem of the each staff

For the Society

Sun: Set up the sound enterprise culture, make the society more affluent

Shield: Contribute the Social Justice as the Professional Auditing Firm

S&S Accounting Firm is an accounting firm officially established in Vietnam in January 2003, and is the first accounting firm in Vietnam for Koreans . We expanded our headquarters in Ho Chi Minh in 2003 and our branch in Hanoi in 2005, and we are always striving to provide the best accounting/tax/consulting services to our customers.

S&S accounting firm consists of a total of five teams, providing customers with a total solution necessary to operate a corporation in Vietnam . We are always working hard to provide.

S&S Accounting Firm is composed of 170 professional employees including CPA, Lawyer, and IT Consultant. We provide reliable services differentiated from other small consulting/accounting service companies .

WHo We Are

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S&S Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd.

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