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SmartBooks e-Invoices

New regulations on the compulsory use of E invoice

All businesses will be required to use e invoices when conducting any transactions
To ensure tax revenue
All transactions will be represented on E invoices. This is committed to ensure tax revenue and avoid tax evasion.

Why The SmartBooks?

  • It is a guarantee of reasonable and reliable information in transactions;
  • It is convenient because the purchase of paper invoices for each transaction is no longer needed;
  • No need to wait to receive the invoice or send via EMS;
  • Compliance with Viet Nam law.
  • Self-printing Invoice
  • S&S has committed to provide the best service to clients through the cooperation with VIETTEL – Renowned Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Groups

Devices Installation


Smartbooks AR/Sales (sale)

Viettel Platform

Smartbooks E-Invoice Module

Professional (Reliable)

  1. The program suited the most with Vietnamese accounting standards
  2. To reflect the basic change in 2016 accounting regulations.
  3. To ensure the reliability of data by verifying in a long term.
  4. Able to establish steps of accessing data based on the position of user.

Ubiquitous (Accessible)

  1. Use the first Web-based ERP system of Vietnam so can be used anytime and anywhere
  2. Unlimited user and data.
  3. Secure data absolutely via Https://

Comfortable (User-friendly)

  1. Support 7 languages, including Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodia, Burmese)
  2. Compatible with Excel data and other programs
  3. Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface

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