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SmartBooks Web-based Accounting

More details: Guideline document  or https://docs.ssaudit.com

1. Introduction

Smartbooks accounting software comprises of 13 main systems: General Ledger (GL), Account Receivable (AR), Account Payable (AP), Cash Management (CA), Fixed Asset (FA), Inventory, Tax Invoice, Purchase Order (PO), Sale Order (SO), E-Invoice, Shared Information, Useful, Setup Tool.

  • General Ledger: This module enables you to track actual financial data and budget in order to produce the financial statements.
  • Account Payable: This module enables you to track vendor payment and invoice.
  • Account Receivable: This module enables you to track customer payment and invoice.
  • Cash Management: This module enables you to track Cash in and Cash out
  • Fixed Asset: This module enables you to track Asset and Distributive Costs.
  • Inventory: This module following inventory movement, calculated costing, calculated cost of good sold.
  • Output Invoice: This module enables you to print self-printed invoice or exported invoice if the enterprise registers self-printing invoice.
  • Purchase Order: This module enables you to manage raw material which is need to purchase, purchased and raw material requisition waiting for purchase.
  • Sale Order: This module enables you to manage sale orders which customers ordered, SO finished and delivered, and orders waiting for delivery
  • E-Invoice: Used to enter sales invoices, issue automatic invoices
  • Shared information: Allows users to create categories such as tax rates, rates, entering balance at the beginning of the period, account access, payment term, …
  • Useful: Used to check false and duplicate invoices. Rearrange the number of vouchers in order.
  • Setup Tool: Used to set up some general information such as: System configuration, module access, Change password, Company information, Access screen, Form access …

2. Installation

Please open browser and access the link and account which we provided you (If you don’t have account yet, please contact us to get 1 month trial)

3. Get Started

Access to our demo ERP or the URL that we sent to you. Login to your account, choose the language so you can access the system


4. Data synchronization

Data synchronization is the process of information exchange and synchronization among multiple data sources in a central server in two-dimensional data (Upload Data – Download Data) in real time

We use SQL Server Replication to make the process of information exchange and synchronization

SQL Server Replication is data copy, encryption technique distributed data from this database to another database, then the data synchronization and data unification are conducted among database

This technology is used from a server to server requiring high transaction, including: improving scalability and availability, data warehouse and reports, integrating data from multiple locations, integrating asynchronous data and offloading batch process. Merge replication is primarily designed for mobile applications or distributed server applications that may cause data conflict

This process is done automatically when connecting to the Internet from local system to central system.

Installation consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Set a local system at the company you need to manage

  • Part 2: The central system is installed at SSAudit, data is concentratively managed on the central server

Local information at your company is synchronized and merged with central system via internet network through data synchronization solution.

Our central system has the ability to restore local data system, so the restoration and maintenance takes place easily and quickly through the Internet.


  • Combine with the advantages of both Winform and Webform classical solutions.

  • Data security and high availability of data

  • Ability to copy and restore data, remote system protection.

  • Information is reflected exactly and timely.

  • Ensure safety and security of data while performing communications.

SmartBooks Desktop Accounting

More detail – Guideline document or https://local.docs.ssaudit.com

1. Introduction

2. Get Started

Please access to installed application and log in to account which we provided you (If you don’t have account yet, please contact us to get 1 month trial)

SmartBooks Human Resources

More detail – Guideline document or https://hr.docs.ssaudit.com

1. Introduction

HRM Lite Modules

Employee Information

Information relatives
Managing position movement
Managing disciplinary violations
Managing decided to resign
Labor contract management


Connect to the timekeeper
Managing overtime plans
Working shift management
Managing the list of pregnant women
Managing absence
Calculating work hours


Bank statement
Print the payslip
Send playslip through Email
PIT finalization 


Managing insurance book
Increase or decrease insurance report

2. Get Start

Please access to installed application and log in to account which we provided you (If you don’t have account yet, please contact us to get 1 month trial)

3. Server Settings


Windows 2016 server, Windows server 2012  or higher


SQL Server

통신 Protocol




Xeon e3 or higher


8GB +(Recommended)


100  GB or higher

SmartBooks Customer Portal

More detail – Guideline document or https://smartbooks.ssaudit.com/cp-demo

1. Introduction

Customer portal is a useful system that SS Audit could communication with our clients. It is also easily within reach through powerful collaboration, and this leads to better client satisfaction.
Business processes such as analyzing and tracking revenue is much easier because the portal is built with the customer in mind. This system has great knowledge management capacity as they can house large numbers of important documents in secure and organized formats. With costs coming under control too, there really are no downsides, but just benefits to having a quality customer portal.

2. Log in Smartbooks

Enter your registered username or registered email address to login the system. You can tick the checkbox Remember me to access easier next time. If you don’t have account, please contact us) , we will check and feedback you later.

SmartBooks Approval Request

More detail – Guideline document or Approval Request Demo

1. Introduction

It’s likely that you’re familiar with process automation in the form of workflow rules. Approvals take automation one step further, letting you specify a sequence of steps that are required to approve a record.
An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. An approval process specifies each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.
Approval requests can be completely customized and can be sent individually, or with multiple steps as part of a more complex workflow.
Approval requests are web based and desktop application ready and can be managed from anywhere – saving time, reducing errors, and accelerating progress.

SmartBooks e-Invoice

More detail – Guideline document or docs.ssaudit.com

1. Introduction

New regulations on the compulsory use of E invoice
All businesses will be required to use e invoices when conducting any transactions
To ensure tax revenue
All transactions will be represented on E invoices. This is committed to ensure tax revenue and avoid tax evasion.

Request a Feature or Open a Ticket

When using SMARTBOOKS, we support data transfer with minimal extra cost.

E-Invoice is in cooperation with VIETTEL, one of the biggest companies in Vietnam

Design, Install & Registration, Customize new reports, new functions: Please contact us

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